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Why Are Pickleball Paddles So Expensive? – An Enthusiast Plight On A Budget

Why Are Pickleball Paddles So Expensive
Written by Alex

Have you ever been to your local sports Pro shop for window shopping only to become startled by skyrocketing price tags? 

Well, chances are, in the near future you will see this phenomenon more than ever, or at least if you are a pickleball player which brings us to the Ultimate question as to why pickleball paddles are so expensive. 

What sets them apart from other sports? Is there even any factual logic behind it? Or it’s just another marketing ruse, to answer all your queries, let’s dive down below, as in this article I will be explaining every minuscule factor that drives up the price tags.

Reason Why Pickleball Paddles Are Expensive?

Unfortunately, there is more than just one factor that influences the price tag and causes it to exponentially rise beyond our expectations such as, 

Material Used

The first and foremost aspect that directly impacts the price tag is the type of material used when creating Pickleball Paddles, while it’s perfectly understandable that some of these materials do not come cheap or aren’t as easily accessible such as Graphite or Carbon fiber material,  there are some instances where even Wood Paddles which are considered the base variant being listed at a outrageous prices.

The reason behind such expensive Paddles is quite simple, for starters, these Wooden Paddles are handcrafted to ensure there are minimal chances of error and each Paddle has its own unique feel to it, henceforth, the skilled labor required to process and manufacture the Paddles influences the Cost of the Paddle.

Cost Of Manufacturers & Patenting Issues

On the other hand, some Paddles that are crafted on an assembly line through automated machinery which are either made from fiberglass material or graphite require patenting, and licensing, all while implementing proper tax regulations on each Paddle during Auditing.

Henceforth, even if it’s made cheap, which isn’t usually the case, especially with premium brands, you would find the cost of manufacturing and equipment usage to create Paddles boost the overall prices when it reaches the consumer.

Researching Cost 

Every brand nowadays wants to provide a better product to their consumer base which if seen through a bigger picture is actually a win-win situation for both the consumer using the Paddle and the company creating it.

Since, at the end of the day both are equally benefited from it as it closely follows the capitalist principle as competition is healthy and corporates are required to put their sweat and blood to create and refine their product for optimal use over time.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that all these endeavors certainly cost an arm and leg for the corporation altogether because the research implemented by engineers and craftsmen is costly since they have to refine the honeycomb structure and work on the perfection of the Paddles to enhance its swing capabilities for the players using it.

So in other words, if you want to get your hands on a premium or flagship tier Paddle with added benefits that will give you an edge over your opponent in the court, buying the costlier option might not be a bad idea after all.

Brand Value & Royalties

This attribute might be one of the biggest reasons why some Pickleball Paddles may cost you an arm and limb. However, it’s thoroughly justified as most of these brands are endorsed or promoted by Professional athletes which is also one of the many approaches of their marketing strategies to boost up their sales.

Subsequently, such actions increase their perceived value and shares in the stock market, allowing an increased level of fluctuation which is then propagated towards the market while its effects are indirectly reflected in the prices.

Special Edition & Market Trends

Social Media plays a huge role in how each product is valued in the market, in fact, most series swiftly become out of stock when a new trend or fashion rolls out. On the other hand, special edition Paddles such as those that are signed or are directly associated with a professional Athlete directly increase its brand value perceived by the public.

So, if you want to get your hands on premium or limited edition Paddles, you might want to cough up extra cash because they aren’t certainly coming in cheap, at least if you are buying them in mint condition.

Another reason why they are immensely expensive is that some of these rare edition Paddles are used as souvenirs or collectibles and aren’t meant to be used unless and until it is a special occasion.

Supply & Demand

Lastly, the higher the demand for a product, the costlier it would get as production management has to hire and purchase equipment to meet the demands of consumers which certainly gives a drastic jolt to the price tag. 

For instance, Selkirk currently serves as a brand with over 40 sponsorship contracts signed with professionals such as Riley Newman and Irina Tereschenko which gives a renowned status to a brand causing a massive influx in its sales as players like to follow their idols or mentors by using the same brand as their idols uses.

How To Buy A Pickleball Paddle While Being On A Budget?

It’s perfectly understandable that corporations are required to jump through hoops of taxes, patenting and licensing costs as well as brand endorsement which doesn’t come off cheap, however, if you are a Pickleball enthusiast that finds themselves on a budget, saving up for those expensive Paddles might not be a feasible approach.

Here is how you could overcome this fiasco,

  • Invest in a Refurbished Paddle from your Local Sports shop as there is likely a chance you will find it in mint condition.
  • Try bidding on sites such as eBay for Paddles as you may find special editions at a considerably lower cost.
  • Avoid buying Paddles that offer special gimmicks such as edge guards or shock compensation systems, as you could save up on a pretty penny all while getting on a Paddle that provides a decent bang for your buck.

Final Word

Pickleball might seem like just another backyard game you would rather enjoy with your friends or family members especially in your retirement days however, the looming question of why pickleball paddles are so expensive might be one of the biggest dilemmas that will prevent you from enjoying the game to the fullest.

In any case, my tips mentioned above might come in handy especially if you are on a budget or simply don’t want your equipment to suffer inevitable wear and tear by unauthorized intruders.

That being said, it’s been a pleasure curating articles for my beloved readers, thank you for stopping, and have a lovely day.

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