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List of Best Pickleball Paddles for Control [2024 Tested]

Best Pickleball Paddles for Control
Written by Alex

Have you ever wondered that even after spending hours in the court, practicing your every move and technique all while drooling and sweating, yet you are miles away from perfection?

Do your efforts feel in vain even after building up enough hand-eye coordination that your shortcomings are apparent causing you to lose important matches? 

Well, don’t blame yourself but your equipment because even though you may have spent hundreds of dollars on your Pickleball Paddle, after going through such a fiasco, it is evident that you have been tricked by marketing gimmicks that offer more control and accuracy, nevertheless fails to do so.

This is why, as a rational way to approach this situation, I have compiled my self-proclaimed list of Best Pickleball Paddles for Control which is not only forgiving but will also help you climb the learning curve way smoother than you would expect.

5 Best Pickleball Paddles for Control – I Tested Recently

Image Name Price
Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle Check Price
ONIX Graphite Z5 Graphite Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle Check Price
JOOLA Vision Pickleball Paddle Check Price
Pickleball Paddle from SLK by Selkirk Check Price
Vatic Pro Carbon Fiber 16mm Check Price

Let’s begin with the list.

1. Selkirk Amped – Control Pickleball Paddle


  • Polypropylene &  Fiberglass Structure
  • 4 ¼ inches Grip Length
  • HoneyComb Structure Core

My cousin, who was also my partner in the court, always used to say “A little bit of grip and control of Paddle could change the tides of the match” and being a professional Pickleball player, he always recommended me the Selkirk Amped, which is why I have been this Bad boy ever since, here is what I think about it.

Superior Quality

Obviously, it goes without saying that since it is made in the USA, nothing in terms of quality is compromised, in fact, it would be the best you would ever get your hands on. Moreover, the paddle also utilizes a unique fiberglass structure which provides enough tensile strength to dampen vibrations no matter how impactful the vibration is.

In terms of control, the paddle speaks volumes, since the polypropylene layer ensures that the ball receives a crisp contact with a massive pop, enough to put your opponent in awe.

If you are digging for a paddle to show dominance while repelling the ball across the net with quick volleys and drives, I believe with wicked spins, the Selkirk Amped just might be your cup of tea.

Resilient & Stable

Give your wrist the rest it needs after swiftly swinging across the court, the Selkirk amped is a sight for sore eyes since it is reinforced with a highly optimized X5 Honeycomb core that not only emphasizes structural integrity but also focuses on propagating waves from impact all across the face of the paddle without causing discomfort across the grip.

In my opinion, those hardcore professionals who spend tons of time in drills may want to get their hands on this paddle because when it comes to stability and comfort, there simply is no parallel for this Paddle.

Tournament Ready

But that’s not it yet, it can also be your court companion since its dimensions perfectly align with the USAPA tournament regulations.

Having a super generous width of 4 ¼ inches while weighing 10.86 ounces, you would certainly win a lot of games and even secure those last-minute Dink shots since it certainly packs a punch.

While it is evident that some individuals may term this paddle as a heavyweight class, in my opinion, if you want to control with moderate pop, then weight might be an attribute you may want to trade off here, nevertheless, it does not seem to be a deal breaker here.


  • Ideal for Dual Wielding
  • Produces Plenty of Pop
  • Has a Massive Sweet Spot


  • Tad Bit Bulky

2. ONIX Graphite Z5 Graphite Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle


  • 4 1/4 inches
  • 7.5 ounces 
  • 16mm Core

While I always try to stay away from marketing gimmicks and hype in the court, this Paddle certainly had my attention and I have to admit, it is certainly one of a kind. Scroll down to learn more about the cool things you are missing out on.

Apex Design

It’s an absolute classic especially when it comes to its ergonomic design, the fact that it rocks a tennis-like grip makes it my personal favorite since my palms never get sore once I am clutching on it.

The leather-like grip on the 4 1/4 inches absolutely works wonders on my hand as it has an immense cushioning effect with cancels out any unnecessary pressure, especially around my knuckles, so it’s safe to say that even during those heated volleys, my hands are well protected while clutching dearly with this paddle.

The best part is the grip is pretty much moisture-repellent, so it doesn’t get stiffened up after months of use, especially whenever I am swinging this bad boy in hot or humid regions. 

Blend Of Perfection

The paddle itself is built like a tank, it could take quite a beating yet weighs only around 7.5 ounces, the blend of graphite and carbon surely adds up integrity yet keeps the weight factor as minimal as possible which is no doubt quite commendable.

On the other hand, if you want to excel while achieving maximum power over the ball, the Nomex honeycomb core will provide enough stability to push aggressively in the court.

The paddle itself weighs 0.51 ounces, so if you are a player with an arm injury or a rookie who is still behind the curve, I would highly suggest this paddle for you. It also has a significant amount of grip so it goes without saying any wicked spins you pull along the close quarter shots would give your opponent a tough time.


  • Budget Friendly
  • Tons of Color Schemes & Shape Variations
  • Very Comfortable Handle


  • The Paddle Surface Is Very Noisy

3. JOOLA Vision – Pickleball Paddle for Control


  • 4 1/4 inches Grip Size
  • 16mm Thickness
  • 0.49 pounds

Lately, I seem to be crushing with the Joola Vision Pickleball Paddle, the ergonomic design with luxurious grip certainly screams power and control, which is exactly the thing I was looking for.

Enhanced Traction

The Joola Vision isn’t all talk no show, matter of fact, under its low profile black layer lies a Poly Honeycomb core, which provides enough grit and stability to let you spin the ball with a simple twist of your wrist. It’s a magic wand you clearly want to get your hands on since it has the ability to make even the most rookie player feel like a Professional.

The texture on its outer layer provides a massive abrasive effect even if you are pulling a Lob with your weaker backhands, the Joola Vision is destined to assist you all while covering for your shortcomings.

Low Drag Force

Another favorite bit about this paddle is that even though it has a considerably broader sweet spot, it swings like a dream with little to no finesse, Joola has indeed invested an immense level of craftsmanship in order to create such a magnificent piece of sports equipment.

The throat of the paddle also suffers from minimal drag force, unlike my previous paddles which even though weighed moderately heavy, still felt like a massive hurdle whenever I was stacking with my teammate and playing aggressively.

Speaking of weight, the Joola Vision merely weighs 7.8 ounces and easily lands itself in the midweight class, which is why it’s ideal for both casual and professional players who love to spend their quality time on the court.

CGS technology

Joola is known to provide perfection, while their paddles are undoubtedly a tad bit expensive and might not be everyone’s cup of tea especially if they are on a budget, let me tell you the Carbon Grip Surface technology they have integrated into this latest series is well worth the investment.

In conjunction with the Carbon Flex3 grit, you can now execute mind-numbing spins regardless of the fact how you hold your paddle, your top, back and side spins would come out flawless with higher accuracy especially if you are playing deep in the court.

If you want to get the most out of this paddle, then using this paddle while stacking in a defensive stance might be the best approach to win some easy games.


  • Has Stable Core
  • United States Pickleball Association Approved Dimensions
  • Enhanced Aerodynamics For Lesser Drag Force


  • Limited Color Scheme

4. Pickleball Paddle from SLK by Selkirk


  • 0.66 Ounces Net Weight
  • 4 ¼ inches Grip Size
  • Carbon Fiber Material 

Every inch of improvement whether it relates to the equipment I use or techniques I use in the court helps me get better by miles, which is why when I heard about the SLK by Selkirk, I got my hands on it right away and tested it out for my reader to know how well it served me in the court.

Perspiration Free Grip

Made to suck up humidity and moisture like a thirsty camel in the desert, exaggeration aside, the SLK 2023 Paddle by Selkirk is a whole new beast and is unlike anything you have seen before, with a 4.25-inch circumference and 5.25 inches grip length, players can attain maximum level of control and power without breaking a sweat.

The length of the grip is also pretty forgiving, so even if you are bashing away strong backhand shots while dual-wielding it, you won’t have any problem at all, go ahead and whip this comfortable Paddle with both of your hands, the key to scoring those robust shots is only a swing away.

Rev-Control Core

Still not convinced? Well, wait till you hear about the paddle’s girt because not only does it have the traction to captivate you but it will also spin the ball without putting much of an effort which will undoubtedly make those arc shots look like a breeze. All credits due to the Paddle’s Polymer core packs a punch providing enough control to execute sensitive drives with peak accuracy, so your ball never goes out of bounds.

The best part is that the paddle itself comes in two variants, an elongated and an oval, however, for me, I love to get my hands on the elongated one since it has a much bigger sweet spot which has less resistance to air. 

Moreover, it also allows me to attain a much bigger reach, so whenever I feel fatigued, I can easily rely on my paddle to cover quick Ernie shots for me.


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Superior Grit 
  • Thin Edge Guard


  • Single Color Scheme For Grip

5. Vatic Pro Carbon Fiber 16mm


  • 5.3 Inches Grip Size
  • 8 Ounces Net Weight
  • Carbon Fiber Frame Material

A 16mm Paddle designed only for the best of the best, the Vatic Pro will undoubtedly enhance your power and control tenfold, undoubtedly.

Unlimited Grip

One of the strongest and most jaw-dropping aspects about this Paddle I have witnessed in my pickleball career is the fact how easy it is to perform swing shots regardless of whether I am holding it in continental or eastern grip, almost every part of the face is highly touch responsive which feels unreal and to some extent gives you an unfair advantage but nevertheless it’s all for recreational use.

The heat-textured TORAY T700 carbon fiber surface is undoubtedly a work of art that feels like sandpaper on the touch and performs ridiculously well in both indoor and outdoor situations.

Matter of fact, my buddy who used to serve with a Western grip usually suffered from poor execution and had a horrendous grip but after using this Paddle, the difference in his serves is baffling.

Massive Sweet Spot

But that’s not it though, the Paddle also rocks a massive sweet spot that measures from 7.7 inches in width, allowing you to cover plenty of surface giving you leeway even if you aren’t accurate with lining up your shots.

In my opinion, it could be a rookie’s dream paddle once they get the hang of it, while the price may be a bit too steep, the stability and control without the sacrifice of power this paddle provides is undoubtedly beyond my imagination.

Thinner Edgeguard

Lastly, the fact that the paddle is also lined up with a thinner edge guard makes the whole deal even sweeter than I would expect, it finely protects the paddle from chip damage yet is barely visible to interfere with the sweet spot. This minimizes the dead zones to almost half on the face of the paddle, making it extremely responsive.


  • USAPA Approved Dimensions
  • Highly Enhances Grip
  • Very Stable Core


  • Not For Players On A Budget

Best Control Pickleball Paddles – Bottom Line

Don’t let your emotions get the best of you on the court, there are more ways to win a match than simply relying on raw skills, in fact, the shortcomings you may notice might be your lousy equipment acting up after all, so it’s time for you to give up your worn out Paddle and give these big boys a try, you would be surprised to know my proven list of Best Pickleball Paddles For Control can do wonders for you.

So go ahead, let the world know you are the true champ of the court by showing raw dominance and control over your opponent by outclassing them with finesse.

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