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I Test 7 Best Pickleball Shoes for Wide Feet and Here’s the Results

Best Pickleball Shoes for Wide Feet
Written by Alex

Individuals with wide feet who are into sports like Pickleball don’t really have much of a choice left when surfing through the gallery of shoes and even if they do find the right pick, they might not be as comfortable as they think it would be.

On the other hand, there are some options that boast highly when it comes to the comfort aspect yet fail to live up to the claim as they aren’t long-lasting or are simply too ugly to be picked as a daily driver.

But guess what? My list of Best Pickleball Shoes for Wide Feet has got you covered, in fact, you might as well say goodbye to congested feet and cramped ankles especially if you are busting your back in rallies in Pickleball.

Here’s My List of Wide Feet Pickleball Shoes

Image Name Price
Wide Feet Men’s Pickleball Shoes by Skechers Viper Check Price
FitVille Mens Wide Pickleball Shoes Check Price
FitVille Men‘s Wide Pickleball Shoes All Court Check Price
Easy Spirit Women’s Romy Sneaker Check Price
K-Swiss Women’s Express Light Pickleball Shoe Check Price
FitVille Women’s Pickleball Shoes Wide Check Price
K-Swiss Pickleball Supreme Shoe Women Check Price

Let’s explore each shoe one by one.

1. Wide Feet Men’s Pickleball Shoes By Skechers Viper


  • 1.81 pounds
  • Machine Washable
  • Podiatrist-designed shape

Comfort is the key element whenever I am picking up any option, otherwise, I feel like my investment is in vain. Too often, I felt like other shoes left me bruised and swallowing, especially across my ankles, however, I wouldn’t be worrying about those problems when I slid my feet in these. Here is my extensive review of it.

Perforated Mesh

Right out of the box, almost every aspect of these pickleball shoes is undoubtedly glamorous, however, one aspect that stuck with me is its super comfy and well-regulated perforated mesh which allows air to freely pass through its fabric ensuring my feet remain free from any humidity that may otherwise cause that distinct “sticky Feeling” which I truly hate the most whenever after I am removing my shoes off.

For an individual who logs 10 hours per week on the court in various drills and competitive sessions, the mesh design is an absolute lifesaver and I cannot emphasize it enough, making it quite an allrounder regardless of the weather I use it in.

Spacious & Comfortable

Being a pickleball guru, in my opinion, you should never compromise on the size of the shoes that you are going to be using on the court, if it’s too tight it will cause a blister and if it is too loose you will eventually lose momentum, and focus because your attention will be diverted towards aligning your feet in shoes. 

These shoes however are a whole different story, the dimensions that were advertised feel extremely accurate and fit like a glove for my feet. The toe box is quite large so I could easily wiggle my bigger toe without feeling restricted at all. 

Moreover, these sketchers provide maximum comfort considering the fact the manufacturer took around 120000 scans of an unweighted foot which is why after 7 months of use, it barely shows signs of use and is still in mint condition.

The footbed has maintained its cushioning while the grip of the sole has remained intact, providing the perfect level of skidding on the thick dense asphalt.


  • Lightweight Construction
  • Excellent Traction
  • Soft Collar For Comfort


  • Expensive 

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2. Fitville Mens Wide Pickleball Shoes


  • Lace Up Closure Type
  • Has breathable Mesh
  • 1.98 Pounds

With multiple options available in terms of size and dimensions, the Fitville felt like a dream come true for a person like me who rocks large feet. Here is my brief breakdown of 5 months of experience with these shoes.

Ideal For Bigger Feet

I have to admit, the XX Wide variant of these shoes feels like a king-sized bed, if you have huge feet, after investing in these shoes your limbs would virtually thank you and to top it off, there is a lace customization that allows me to tweak the sizes just the way I wanted, all in all, the shoes feels like custom tailored kicks that could level the playing field in the court.

Well Padded

But don’t get me started on its insole, these bad boys use memory foam paired with midsoles that are made of lightweight, responsive EVA foam. On long days on the court’s Pickleball, my feet, and toes never feel the heat of blistering since there are virtually no hotspots thanks to the super thick underfoot feel that doesn’t succumb to the pressure of my body, being a little overweight, such level of premium padding is like a cherry on top. 

It is safe for me to conclude that after 5 months of constant usage, the cushioning effectively absorbs impact from jumps, starts, and stops without compromising responsiveness whenever I am partaking in rallies.


  • Very Lightweight
  • Well cushioned Sole
  • Tons of color schemes and sizes to choose from
  • The very spacious toe box


  • Not budget friendly

3. Fitville Men‘s Wide Pickleball Shoes All Court


  • Suede Fabric
  • Rubber Sole
  • Machine washable

Next in the line is another pair of trainers that also happens to be snug fit, which is exactly what you would be looking for if you want to stay on the defensive side of the court.

Top Tier Insole& Outsole Material

Before I dive down into its other aspects, I would like to point out how comfortable the insole material is, each step I take is compensated like a cradle all credit due to its honeycomb insole structure which ensures the pressure of my feet is well distributed without causing unnecessary blistering. The contouring effect it produces on my massive feet undoubtedly left me speechless because I no longer have to look for a shoe that is tailored to my needs.

On the flipside, the outsole provides enough traction to create a firm shock-absorbing effect without sacrificing traction no matter how slippery the court gets.

Ideal Arch Supports

Due to larger feet, I often have to deal with flares of plantar fasciitis, but the plush yet well-optimized cupping of arch support provides comfort support even if I move suddenly or jump around the court. To top it off, the anatomically placed insole provides a controlled movement which is like the cherry on top.

The arch also paves the way for a bigger toe box which eliminates unnecessary jammed toenails or blackended feet due to pressure caused after using the shoes for a longer period of time. Speaking of which, the mesh fiber introduces a healthy flow of air to every nook and cranny of my feet, so whenever it’s time for a mini break, my feet don’t feel like I have run through Shrek’s swamp.


  • Decent Traction
  • Amazing Arch Support For Bigger Feet
  • Tons of Size options to choose from


  • Limited Color Scheme

4. Wide Feet Women’s Shoes By Easy Spirit 


  • 95% Leather
  • 8.6 ounces
  • Rubber Sole

Easy Spirit absolutely nailed both the design and comfort level of this pair of kicks and I couldn’t be any happier with my investment. I even gifted these pair to my aunt who is a pickleball freak and here is our first-hand review about it.

Lightweight Like A Feather

Whether you are exploring your town while running errands or simply tackling a well-timed Lob in the pickleball court, once you slide your feet into these well-cushioned shoes, you won’t even feel like you are wearing anything at all.

Weighing only 8.6 ounces, the blend of leather and mesh material certainly pumps the portability aspect of these shoes. Unlike my previous shoes which weighed like a ton of bricks, these are an absolute lifesaver because they barely cause the fatiguing effect which is exactly the sort of trainers I was looking out for my aunt since she spends her whole day on the court practicing drill sessions.

The lighter material also ensures the shoes remain flexible which is extremely helpful for larger feet and toes as you can wiggle and slide easily without feeling congested at all, moreover,  it helps maintain a low profile of the shoe as it doesn’t weigh down the wearer’s steps.

Multi-Directional Threads

As far as the use case is concerned, these kicks aren’t just all talk and no shoe, while they may look pretty and cozy on the outside, they still pack a punch with their multi-directional threads which allow enough traction and griping to be used on almost any terrain such as asphalt, grass, light trails and even slippery areas such as a deluged court.

To test out its grip, I took these bad boys on a hike and tried hiking on wet rocks across a wet trail and these shoes held up just fine as there were barely any signs of usage or wear and tear.


  • Durable Leather
  • Comfortable & Soft Padding
  • Very Budget Friendly


  • Average Breathability factor

5. K-Swiss Women’s Express Light Pickleball Shoe


  • Sizes range from 5 to 11
  • OrthoLite sock line
  • Rubber sole
  • Includes DRAGGUARD

Pair of shoes designed specifically for women who like to stroll around the park or in the court while maintaining their natural movement. It’s a perfect daily driver and a court companion rocking a larger shoe box that does not constrain or constrictive the feet.

Breathable & Lightweight

I like to team up with my sister who often complains about humidity which causes rashes and blistering in her feet.

However, after gifting these shoes this Christmas, her level of joy has been through the roof, her feet have never been this drier and cooler and she has been spending at least 4-5 hours in the court which is way more than I could expect from her.

No more blistering or swamping feet, the air circulation through the perforated mesh allows her to maneuver the court and hit those defensive shots like a professional, I have to admit, investing in these pairs has been the best decision I have made in a while.


But that’s not even the best part, wait till you hear about the fact that these shoes also encompass a top-of-the-line AOSTA 7.0 compound that provides perfect gripping whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Since it’s made from top-of-the-line rubber, it barely loses grip on asphalt or slippery surfaces that

 are painted on.

To top it off, after 3 months of usage, it barely lost its grip and my sister has been having the best time of her life and even referred it to her peers since it is such long-lasting considering the rigors or lateral darting and sudden stops in pickleball, these joggers can certainly last an eternity without breaking a sweat.


  • Has excellent Traction
  • Has Bouncy mid-sole
  • Has breathable Fiber


  • Heel Area is a bit stiff 

6. Fitville Women’s Pickleball Shoes Wide


  • Available up to 12 Sizes
  • Includes Molded EVA midsole
  • Has Breathable Mesh Fiber
  • Includes Traditional Lace Up

Nothing is more frustrating than finding a pair of shoes that is beautiful on the outside but lacks enough room to get your feet to slide in comfortably. Luckily, the Fitville women’s shoes come with tons of options.

High Arches

These shoes have a higher level of comfort with top-tier arches that you could wear without socks on making it quite an ideal pick even for sensitive feet. Right out of the box, I was impressed with the sleek craftsmanship, especially across its arches which provided quite an amazing level of support that helped in lateral movement in the court.

But I was still a little skeptical until I slipped my foot in and confirmed the generous interior room of the toe box, It was like I was inside a jumbo jet in its miniature form. Unlike my other shoes which tend to have narrow toe boxes, these joggers had enough space to splay naturally instead of feeling squished. 

Easy to Clean

Another pet peeve I often notice whenever I buy a pair is its discoloration after a couple of months and cleaning them is often a headache considering the fact you have to buy special detergent and cleaning products in order to get rid of unnecessary debris and oils.

But with Fitville pickleball shoes in my arsenal it felt like a chore at all, in fact, a simple wipe with my cleaning towel while it dipped in lukewarm water did most of the job and the best part is, it still looks like it is fresh out of the box while making its vibrant colors even after a year.


  • Very Lightweight
  • Decent Price Tag
  • Plenty of Color schemes To choose from
  • Very Comfortable padding


  • The All White Inclusion Might Stain Easily

7. K-Swiss Pickleball Supreme Shoe Women


  • Available in women’s sizes 5-10
  • SURGE 7.0 lightweight premium cushioning
  • DRAGGUARD 7.0 heel
  • Laced closure

I have used tons of K-swiss Products in my lifetime and these certainly take the crown when it comes to support to my arches and comfort level. My friend who was complaining about blistering in the feet after using her cheaper trainers, suggested these kicks and she couldn’t be any happier.

Top Tier Support

Pickleball is all about staying on your feet no matter how rigorous the situation becomes after all in order to win competitive matches, you need to be aggressive in your footwork. For such circumstances, the K-SWiss Pickleball does an amazing job because it rocks a 180 PSC chassis and sturdy AOSTA 7.0 outsole which ensures the padding provides enough support for larger feet without causing the pinching effect that might result in unnecessary hotspots whenever you are using it in hotter regions.

The Shoes are perfect for both indoor wooden courts as well as outdoor asphalt rough surfaces because the high abrasion regions of the shoes are protected by Dragguard 7.0 which ensures your shoes last an eternity.

Minimal Seam

Right after you slide your feet inside these well-cushioned shoes, your skin won’t touch any inseam which may cause irritation or blistering, in other words, even if you are planning to run around or stroll without socks on, these unobstructed toe boxes with super roomy wouldnt cause any form of discomfort.


  • Top-tier stability & Lateral Support
  • Has Breathable Material
  • Generous Arch  Range


  • Steep Price Tag

Bottom Line

Pretty sure after going my comprehensive compendium of the Best Pickleball Shoes For Wide Feet will have you covered from all sides including optimal width and, a larger toe box so you have plenty of wiggle room all while providing enough traction to keep you steady and rock solid in the court.

After all, the only way to be dominant and win matches is to step into shoes that will excel in your proficiency rather than becoming a hurdle, and that is exactly why I believe my readers should deserve the best possible options which are listed above.

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