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How To Choose Pickleball Shoes? What I Personally Look For?

How To Choose Pickleball Shoes
Written by Alex

Anyone with a tinker of knowledge relating to pickleball knows that a good pair of shoes could possibly make or break the game and if you are clever enough to pair it up with sufficient traction, control, and protection, you got yourself a darn good recipe for perfection.

But surprisingly enough, it’s easier said than done because getting your hands on a pair of kicks with all the captivating features could be no short of a dream especially if you barely have the knowledge corresponding to them.

In that case, my article will help you How To Choose Pickleball Shoes by illuminating key elements so you can achieve a tailored experience.

Choosing The Pickleball Shoes – The Right Way!

Here are a couple of things you need to look out for when choosing the Pickleball shoes,

1. Support Is Important

In a Pickleball court, you need to wear something that supports your gait and by wearing shoes with proper arch support, you will be lacking control in terms of mobility making your maneuring pretty much a nightmare.

Make sure the shoes you are going to buy have enough arch support or invest in shoes that have Stabilityweb arch supports constructed of multi-density materials to keep your arches firmly locked in place during lateral cuts and rapid changes of direction.

It also helps prevent injuries and other disorders from getting exacerbated like plantar fascitis. In addition to that, it also helps prevent overpronation all while reinforcing your feet so you can perform quick lunges by standing adjacent to the net with ease.

Another common misconception regarding choosing Pickleball shoes is that people often mistake other joggers or trainers that could be used in a pickleball court but to burst their bubble it’s the exact opposite. 

Ordinary shoes lack specific technologies and midsole rigidity that aids in movement in pickleball, let us take Blown rubber or graphite cushioning pods for instance, which provide shock absorption effect through high-impact movements such as lunges and sudden side-to-side movement which is far better than standard EVA foam.

If you are suffering from issues like torn meniscus and other forms of joint disorders, you might want to take a look at shoes that include STRIKE+ technology that provides comfort and reduces stress on joints.

2. All About Traction

Another pivotal aspect that clearly shouldn’t be overlooked is the grip of the soles of the shoes you are going to buy. While traditional trainers and joggers would seem like a tangible choice to hit the court, they might lack the proper traction to keep you steady on the shiny asphalt or a wooden surface indoors. 

It goes without saying that Pickleball requires movement in almost every direction and in order to utilize proper footwork, especially the lateral ones, you need to have a special gripping pattern something that resembles blown rubber or diamond-shaped cleats which creates enough friction to provide an Anti-slipping effect.

These multi-threaded patterns are usually located right beneath the soles of the shoes, so whenever you are choosing pickleball shoes, make sure you check these grip linings so that they won’t skid on slippery surfaces.

3. Breathable Mesh

It’s pretty natural to get into a heated session on the court especially if you are partaking in plenty of rallies by repelling the ball back and forth across the net. In humid conditions or in hotter regions such back and forth can get quite uncomfortable. 

Henceforth, if you are playing in such scenarios, you need to invest in shoes that have synthetic textile fibers that create a mesh lining that encourages air circulations to prevent problems like athlete’s foot and blisters from appearing. It also ensures your feet aren’t too sticky or sweaty whenever you are using your shoes after a long day’s session.

There are some shoes that also boast moisture-wicking lining to pull sweat and debris from your feet and act as an absorbent to keep your feet cool at all costs so that there isn’t a damp, clammy environment inside your shoe.

4. Dimensions Matter

You don’t want your shoe to create a hotspot for you when it’s too tight on the other hand, you don’t dangle from your angles every time you suddenly lunge either because it ruins your focus. 

Ample support and cushioning wouldn’t mean a thing if the dimensions were all over the place because the last thing you would want is to deal with blackened nails and cramped toes in the court. 

When picking shoes in terms of dimensions, leave at least an inch at the toe region to prevent rubbing and pinching whenever you are moving aggressively. Meanwhile, make sure the ankle guard clasps your feet properly without being too loose, not only is a loose shoe too uncomfortable but it is also incredibly awkward.

Why Are These Elements Important When Choosing Pickleball Shoes

You cannot just pick any trainers and hit the court, here is why looking for these elements is quite important.

  • Padding and cushioning will help you remain on the court for as long as you want, you don’t want your shoes to become a hurdle whenever you are training especially for a competitive league.
  • Finding the right dimensions will prevent blistering, soaring, and rashes from appearing which may lead to skin disease and other disorders related to mobility.
  • Arch support and contouring an ingredients every professional and casual player should look out for as they ensure your movement remains healthy all while preventing joint and muscle disorders.
  • Looking out for fiber quality is certainly important if you want your investment to last as long as possible. Remember, these shoes won’t be cheap, so by carefully examining them for their fabric quality, you could save yourself a couple of bucks.
  • Lastly, if you are playing in hotter regions with humidity, using shoes with mesh fiber can help you drastically in overcoming a swampy and sweaty environment for your feet.

Final Word

Knowing How To Choose Pickleball Shoes is no less than a blessing because it pays its dividends in the form of massive improvement in the court, a comfortable experience as your daily driver, and less hassle to deal with when it comes to dealing with blistering or foot sores. 

It goes without saying that in scenarios you may find a shoe that might have a higher price tag but as long as it has all the elements that I have mentioned above, I assure you that it will be well worth the money. 

Good Luck 🤞.

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