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How To Get Better at Pickleball? – 2024 Strategy

How To Get Better at Pickleball
Written by Alex

Do you feel like you are putting your heart’s content into the court yet fail to yield satisfactory results? Does none of your strategies work or simply too predictable to overthrow our opponents?

If that’s the case, then you might be in desperate need of guidance from a pickleball guru like me who has spent eons in this sport and my main goal is to assist individuals that are struggling to get better at this game.

Sounds interesting right? Well, then feel free to scroll down, trust me there is no catch here, the article is solely dedicated to those pickleballers who are looking for an educational reform.

Steps On Getting Better At This Sports

Here is how you could dominate the court like a boss,

1. Understanding The Nature Of The Game

The first and foremost thing you are going to do is soak up every piece of knowledge like if you are a sponge that is left dried out in the scorching sun.

It doesn’t matter who you spectate, whether they are below your skill set or out of your league, if you feel like anyone’s doing better than you on the court, try to copy their moves, trust me there is nothing wrong in replicating moves, as long as they effective in dominating courts and winning games, you will be off to a good start.

Make sure you write it down or record videos and keep an eye out for every piece of minuscule detail. Whether it’s about serve or countershots, never skip any detail because in order to become better you need to master every move possible.

2. Think Out The Box

Pickleball is all about putting your opponent in a rough spot by catching them off guard and you clearly don’t want to be out of the loop whenever you are in court yourself. Try to execute META (the most effective tactic available) and try to exploit your opponent as much as you can. 

By thinking out of the box, not only do you attain an edge over your opponent but you also become pretty much unpredictable as your opponent can never read your rhythm no matter how dexterous they are on the court.

A pickleball court is no less than a gladiator arena so if you want to become better you need to show some grit and brawn by taking a more aggressive form of approach rather than being a laid-back individual.

Instead of executing repetitive dinks or Ernie Shot make sure you execute smashing volleys and spins which are usually often harder to counter, giving you an edge in the court.

3. Work On Your Serve

There are so many players out there who could survive on the court and push through rallies effectively but suffer dramatically during a serve. A service shot or serve is usually the first move that initiates your game and a poor shot could not only put you in the backfoot but could also potentially result in a penalty or a fault.

Make sure you choose your preferred type of grip and then stick with it whenever you are practicing. Typically there are three types of grip in Pickleball,

  • Continental Grip
  • Eastern Grip
  • Western Grip

I would either go with continental or western grip as it provides the maximum range of flexibility and will undoubtedly allow you to build muscle memory quite easily.

4. Work On Your Stamina

Pickleball doesn’t require you to stay fixated on a single spot and neither should you be able to win games if you aren’t really good at footwork. If you find that you aren’t too agile or lack the energy, it’s time that you partake in physical core training exercises because there are instances where pickleball sessions are going to last eons.

In order to become better you need to shape yourself physically and work on your body by building stamina. Try to complete laps early in the morning and hit the gym to build lean muscle in your shoulders and your torso because those are the muscles that will be used the most.

5. Create A Diet Plan

Training without a proper diet plan is pretty much useless as the saying goes “You are what you eat” and if you are putting junk food in your body, then it’s fairly certain that you won’t be making any progress, in fact consuming horrible food such as junk food and sodas could take a toll on your body as it can induce brain fog and introduce other form of diseases. 

In order to stay fit and healthy, try to introduce more forms of vegetables and protein in your food and cut out the carbs for good. You could also force a keto diet if you are aiming for lean muscle and less fat which will allow you to maximize your efficiency on the court.

6. Hire A Coach

On paper, all of these elements might look very easy and feasible but once you actually try to implement it might look like a hard feat to achieve. Losing motivation and sticking to a strict routine can be tiresome but a good coach or mentor can help you catch up on your shortcomings easily while flatlining your hurdles. 

If you cannot afford to hire a coach, try to befriend other pickleball enthusiasts and eventually they will become your family that will uplift your morale whenever you are feeling demotivated.

In order to maximize your efficiency make sure you team up with players who are following a likewise routine so that you can train together which will eventually increase your synergy.

How To Get Better at Pickleball? – And That’s a Wrap

If you are aspiring to be a pickleball warrior who is ready to take on any challenge regardless of whom you are facing on the court, my comprehensive guide on getting better at pickleball might be an amazing way to start because in order for you to become a court-confident competitor, I have kept everything in a straight forward fashion, so even a rookie with prior knowledge could climb the ropes and learn a thing or two with minimal efforts.

But then again, this guide can only go so far because the only way to make it effective is you not only read it but apply it to yourself by practicing in the court by keeping my sage advice in mind.

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