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Pickleball Machine Buying Guide [Used & New]

Pickleball Machine Buying Guide
Written by Alex

Pickleball is undoubtedly an enticing game, especially if you have a knack for trying out something different and unique that has vibes that are out of the box, if you are a sports enthusiast like me, you may be familiar with this feeling as it keeps our minds and bodies fresh by indulging into new techniques and game dynamics.

Matter of fact, Pickleball is by far one of the most sought-after options out there in the market right now due to its engaging and recreational nature that caters to almost everyone of every age, because it’s just so versatile. and accessible to people of all athletic abilities. However, as an icing on top, the equipment is inexpensive. 

Speaking of relatively cheaper equipment, today, I have curated a pickleball machine buying guide that includes both newer and used models, for a very tailored experience. 

Why You Should Consider Buying A Pickleball Machine?

Whether you buy it in brand new mint condition or a refurbishing machine to get your thing going for those practice sessions, as long as you invest in the right pick, your investment won’t be in vain. 

However, I have seen many individuals buying a pickleball machine after going through a shopping spree without having a clue why a Pickleball machine can be beneficial for them in the long run. In this guide, I have illuminated below why you should consider buying a pickleball machine.

  1. Solo Sessions

Those solo runs that you often partake in are only as good as you practice into, without a reliable partner, you are left to the mercy of only which means your skill ceiling is directly proportional to your own physical capacity. 

In other words, Without the benefit of a partner to provide motivation, competition, or constructive criticism, solo runners must rely on their own discipline and self-motivation to stay consistent and challenge themselves. 

Which most of the time is very counterproductive because it doesn’t let you push through plateaus build confidence when facing a real opponent or have the ability to develop an adrenaline boost whenever it is needed.

You have to keep the hassle going and the absence of a player makes the environment too peaceful making you lazy and laid back because you barely have any cues to monitor your proficiency. However, with a pickleball machine, you are able to practice just like you would with a partner. 

The best part is, that it even has multiple modes, so that you can raise the bar for a challenge, Isn’t that clever?

  1. Builds Consistency & Confidence

In some aspects, a pickleball machine might be a godsend, in fact, it works even better than a traditional part which might become tired or make mistakes when performing a service shot or anything in between.

A pickleball machine, whether it’s new or used, will always be consistent and never get tired for obvious reasons. It can even let you replay the same scenario over and over again, so you can attain enough confidence to master any technique.

  1. Muscle Memory Reinforcement 

Practicing consistently and constantly means you are training your body and mind to be aligned with your eyes which increases your instincts and instincts are something that is only created through repetition. A Pickleball machine will help you achieve that, in fact, it is being surveyed that practicing through this method is the fastest and the most effective way toward the “key to success”

  1. Perfect For Workout

There is no better substitute than to work out your body by warming up through a series of mini-challenges that let you prepare better ahead of the session. A Pickleball machine has tons of options and scenarios that you could toggle through which is insanely efficient for building stamina, agility, and overall physical fitness, contributing to better on-court performance.

Attributes You Should Keep An Eye Out In Pickleball Machine

Surprisingly enough, picking a pickleball machine in the market isn’t as hard as you would think, it is just that you have to keep a keen eye on things that are mentioned below,

  1. Type of Machine

Let’s start off with the most basic aspect when choosing or investing in a pickleball machine, typically there are two main types that are being sold in the market right now i.e. The ones that are powered through electrical outlets and the ones that run on battery packs. 

Each of these has its own pros and cons, so there is no such thing as one being better than the other. The difference might be pretty obvious at this point, the battery pack may provide you enough portability so you could lurk around and carry it everywhere you go, giving you the hands-free feeling you always wanted.

Meanwhile, AC-powered or the ones that are required to be connected to the electrical cords tend to be much more robust, however, the catch here is that you need to be looking out for an electrical outlet.

Most of the time isn’t really possible nor it is feasible, in that case, you might need to carry an additional extension cord accessory to get the juice to keep this machine powered up. Nevertheless, before buying a Pickleball ball thrower, consider these factors before investing in it because you clearly don’t want to end up paying anywhere when traveling with your AC-powered machine.

  1. Oscillation

Next comes the most tricky aspect which most players and even professionals overlook and certainly acts as a dealbreaker if you aren’t looking through the cracks. 

The aspect is termed as oscillation which controls the direction of the ball you need to make sure the machine is hurling towards you. Obviously, in real-world sessions on the court, you wouldn’t be receiving straight shots that you could easily counter. 

It’s like the term “straight roads don’t make good drivers”, similarly, with oscillation it raises the bar of practicing sessions, allowing you to achieve random spins with multiple patterns of oscillation just like you would receive from an ordinary human being.

If you are looking to invest in a premium machine, it would also offer additional unpredictable factors for oscillation, giving you the taste of real-world scenarios to higher levels.

3. Inventory Quantity

At this point, it is common sense, that the bigger the inventory the higher it will hold the ball capacity, if you want to keep a session going, you might need to invest in a much bigger machine for a refined and tailored experience.

Keep in mind that you also need to load it up with extra balls because obviously, those balls aren’t going to appear by themselves, so if you cannot afford to buy additional balls, consider investing in a smaller inventory box of these pickleball machines.

4. Tweaks & Speed Adjustment

As mentioned above, a pickleball machine can give you challenges that you have not even witnessed before because it is packed with scenarios you just have to tweak the speed and define the levels of oscillation needed. 

It also lets you choose between topspin, backspin, sidespin, and anything in between, if you are looking for a tailored experience, consider buying a machine that offers these features.

5. Customer Care Support & Aftermarket Sale Support

Aftermarket sale support is the most underrated aspect of purchasing something in the market because without it if anything actually malfunctions, you have no one to rely on. 

Before investing your hard-earned cash, try to check reviews and research in advance about the reputation of the company and how they deal with customers before and after the purchase.

Guide For Buying A New Pickleball Machine

If you have decided to get a Pickleball machine in mint condition, make sure it has these attributes,

  1. Brand Reputation Evaluation

Before heading into the market, or looking through the gallery of options online, you need to perform plenty of options as you cannot just pick one blindly. The market is littered with brands that offer tons of models with a multitude of features.

Moreover, taking a look at your track record over the internet and among your peers is also incredibly important which could be done through comparing the features, specifications, and customer reviews of different models to find the one that best suits your needs.

  1. Reviews Matters

Never invest in something blindly no matter how good the deal is, sometimes not all the glitters are gold, on the other hand, it might be a scam if you are buying it from a third-party market. Customer reviews are extremely essential at least in this day and age because not only do they provide insight but they also reinforce the idea that the product doesn’t have any issues or will be long-lasting. 

There are tons of pickleball machines out there that offer an array of features, make sure you only pick the ones that have a higher market feedback rate with positive reviews.

  1. Evaluate your Precurament On Your Budget

Keeping a flexible budget is never a bad thing as long as you are getting a good deal on your Pickleabll machines with extra features, however, don’t fall for marketing gimmicks, try to look for sales so that you can attain better price-to-value ratios.

On the other hand, make sure you always prioritize durability over anything else, so that you can secure your investment in the long run.

  1. Warranty Policy & period Checking

Lastly, taking a peek at the warranty duration assigned by the manufacturer will save you tons of headaches in the long run. Make sure the serials match because there are people handing out fake warranties which can only be verified by checking the serial on the machine and the warranty card.

Guide For Buying A Used Pickleball Machine

Buying a used product can be exponentially tricky be aware of scammers, fraudsters and anything in between, here is how you could evade such situations and in fact, get ahold of a good deal.

  1. Pickleball Machine Inspection

This might be common textbook knowledge but if you aren’t really familiar with the third-party sellers that are selling used products like a pickleball machine then you need to be vigilant, before you finalize your product make sure you perform a rundown and check whether or not it has been repaired, opened or has any scratches on the outside.

Check the ball feeder, motors, and control panel. If possible, ask the seller to demonstrate the machine’s functionality.

  1. Research and Verify the Seller

If you don’t really have a direct reference to the seller, make sure you verify their credibility by performing background checks for their positive and negative feedback if any. If possible, try to buy from a seller who has a good reputation within the pickleball community.

You also need to ask the seller when they have purchased the product and check for any documentation to support their claim of ownership because most fraudsters tend to sell stolen products that are too cheap upfront but run a higher risk of landing you in problems with the original owner or the police.

  1. Test Your Bartering System

This is the most important rule you need to follow regardless of how amazing the deal sounds, always barter your way into a cheaper price. On the other hand, you must also stay within negotiation limits because lowballing too low would cause insult to the original owner and may result in deal termination.

In a fair negotiation, there is nothing wrong with considering the machine’s age, condition, and any additional accessories or features included in the sale. Compare the price with similar machines on the market to ensure you aren’t being scammed. 

  1. Test Run Before Finalization

Don’t just pick the pickleball machine right away, keep a friendly stance and perform a couple of test runs. While it is pretty obvious that used products don’t really have an official warranty, ask the owner to borrow the product for a couple of days so that you can ensure it works as intended and doesn’t really have issues by assessing its performance, functionality, and overall condition.

And That’s A Wrap

Stay vigilant and perform as much background checks on the seller you are buying as you can, never rush a deal especially if you are looking for a used Pickleball machine. On the flipside, if you want a brand new one, performing researching well get your hands on a deal of the century, you just have to focus and look through the marketing gimmicks.

Lastly, reviews are your best friend, while positive reviews can be faked, reading through the patterns to ensure they arent repetitive could help you identify the real ones before you make the procurement.

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