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What to Wear to Play Pickleball? – Let’s Find Out

What to Wear to Play Pickleball
Written by Alex

Pickleball rounds itself upon the selected few sports that in its Core values hold grace and harmony that caters to players through leniency and casualness so that any player from any demographic can play it without feeling restricted.

In other words, it’s a family-oriented socially inclined sport that focuses on improving bonds by allowing you to release your stress and take the steam off after going through a long hectic day.

However, since it’s fairly new, there are some speculations among the newly uprising community as to What to Wear to play Pickleball and whether or not players are bound by any sort of general restrictions by The United States of America Pickleball Association.

To address your queries, here in this article, I will be shedding light on the dress code and its various intricacies.

Why Choosing Your Attire Matters in Pickleball?

However, Before we explore which type of outfit is suitable for pickleball, let’s dig into why cherry-picking what you wear is important.

  • Pickleball offers fast-paced rallies which means it could get sweaty really quick especially if you are playing in hot or humid regions where air is dense and is poorly regulated, henceforth finding and picking the right type of clothes can make a world of difference.
  • The type of clothes you wear defines how seamlessly you would be playing on the court, in other words, while baggy clothes would act like a hurdle, skinny-fit leggings would allow you to manure easily on the court with no mobility-based restrictions.
  • Typically there is no hard and fast rule that defines or prohibits the use of any form of attire, however, if you want to look professional and send a psychological message, your attire has to look on point.
  • On the other hand, you also want to balance out the proportions of the “Look Good/Feel Good” aspect so ensuring the comfort as well as the style of your attire can benefit you in the long run.

So What Should I Wear In A Pickleball Court?

To ensure every gender reading this guide benefits from it, I would be listing every piece alternative possible so nobody would feel left out or discriminated against.

1. The Accessories

As mentioned above, you would be profusely sweating especially when playing outdoors without a proper air conditioning system since Pickleball rallies will keep you on your toes.

Henceforth, it is highly likely that you are required to wear a breathable headband to absorb all the sweat that is being poured on your face and your eyes.

Because the last thing you would want is sprinkled salty droplets of your own bodily fluids to enter your eyes and ruin your whole experience. 

Subsequently, you can also wear a visor, bucket hat, or even a baseball cap to cover your head from direct sunlight so that the radiation from the sun doesn’t cause heavy precipitation effects on your body resulting in sudden dehydration.

To further protect and reinforce your vision, you can also wear polarized glasses which will not only prevent flare and glare from direct sunlight but also provide an obstructed form of vision which is exactly what you need to stay focused during a snappy back and forth in the court.

2. The Primary Clothing

When it comes to cherry-picking your primary clothes, avoid baggy clothes at all costs since they will act as a liability in the court by causing a “drag resistance” on your limbs weighing you down, so not only will you spend more energy to move around but you would feel incredibly uncomfortable around the court.

On the flip side, you might want to give unisex skin-tight tank tops and skirts that will ensure air is well-regulated across your body and will also make you look professional on the court.

Tight leggings and kilts are also a wholesome choice to keep you comfortable when playing in an indoor condition. However, if you are playing outdoors in regions where rain often occurs, you might want to bring in your weather-resistant jacket or raincoat with ample insulation so that you won’t catch the flu in the midst of a match.

As for me, I wear polo shirts and spandex because it covers my body thoroughly and has the tendency to absorb sweat instantly with perfect breathability. 

3. The Footwear

Footwear usually depends on your own preferences, however, if you want to achieve traction you need to wear sports shoes or joggers that will keep you mobile on the court. Try wearing shoes that have mini spikes to ensure your feet aren’t affected by the slippery court.

Avoid wearing sandals or crocs as they have minimal grip underneath and the lack of abrasiveness makes them incredibly slippery especially when the court is slightly wet or when the dew particles settle in early in the morning.

As for the socks, they highly correspond to the type of weather you are playing in, if it’s too humid, use mini-breathable socks, however, when the ambiance is frosty, you might want to pave your way for thick polyester socks to keep your toes warm and cozy.

Things That Are Prohibited In The Court

Both casual and competitive settings prohibit the use of loose jewelry like chains or watches that can likely fall off on the court and might hurt anyone when stepping on it if the other player is playing the sport barefooted. It can also act as a potential hazard on the court as players could possibly slip on it if stepped on it.

While smartwatches are an amazing way to track your cardio, blood pressure, and your overall stress level of your body, make sure you only wear from reputable brands and not the ones with poor straps.

On the other hand, Competitive leagues also prohibit the use of bright colors that have a similar shade of color to the ball used in Pickleball as it might confuse the opponent which goes against the rules of the sport.

What To Wear to Play Pickleball? – Final Word

As clearly stated above, there is no specific dress code that you have to follow and as long as you are comfortable in your attire, you can wear anything, however, I would highly advise you to avoid wearing unnecessary baggy clothes as they are likely prone to weigh you down and cause obstruction in your mobility issues.

Additionally, try keeping a couple of water bottles in your bag so you can not only stay hydrated but you could also pass it around to your buddies so they can stay energetic throughout the sessions, so go ahead and rock on, the court is yours to dominate.

Best Wishes.

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