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2024 Tested Best Pickleball Paddles for Spin

Best Pickleball Paddles for Spin
Written by Alex

Executing topspins and splices is no walk in the park especially in Pickleball, in fact, it goes without saying that it is one of the few techniques that even the most proficient players struggle to excel at because it requires consistency, hand-eye coordination, and a Paddle that is plenty of grit.

And just like there is “No shoe that fits all”, similarly there are tons of options that will undoubtedly baffle you. But hey, you are in luck today, As  I have done all the homework for you, finding you the best pickleball Paddles for spinning, splicing, and dicing, whichever trajectory your heart desires.

The best part is, that all of these Pickleball Paddles mentioned below are highly beginner-friendly, so be assured that you won’t need much finesse when applying those perky side spins with crazy axis and torque.

List of Best Pickleball Paddles for Spin

Image Name Price
OOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS Spin Pickleball Paddle Check Price
2024 Pickleball Paddle from SLK by Selkirk Check Price
niupipo Pickleball Paddles Check Price
Electrum Pickleball Paddle USAPA Approved Check Price
Pickleball Paddle Graphite Textured Surface Check Price

Let’s begin.

1. JOOLA Ben Johns – Spin Pickleball Paddle


  • 5.5 inch Grip Length
  • 0.51 Pounds
  • Carbon Fiber Material

Start the list with the signature Paddle of the most renowned Player in Pickleball who has won countless PPA titles and has achieved too much in only a couple of years, his finesse in spinning the ball and if you want to be as good as him, I would highly advise you to invest in Joola Ben Johns Hyperion Paddle.

Remarkable Grit

Whether you want to impart Topspins in your sophisticated lobs or simply want to execute unpredictable splices, if you have struggled with these before, then I assure you that none of these would be a problem anymore considering how easy it is to execute them once you wield this Paddle.

And it goes without saying the credit would certainly go to the rough texture with enhanced abrasiveness that ensures the ball spins with maximum rotational force. The face of the paddle is equipped with an artificially gritty carbon friction Force (CFS) which is engineered to cause the ball to twirl even with a slight splice or swing motion.

Paddle Performance

Honestly speaking, I was even surprised to know that even though the Paddle weighs a little too bulky for my taste, it still packed a punch without compromising the accuracy of my Dinks or Lobs. 

The elongated shape allowed me to execute groundstrokes like a champ with maximum reach as the overall length of the Paddle is 16 ½ inches while having a supermassive sweet spot width of 7 ½. I have to admit, it certainly made my dream come true to mimic my favorite top player, Ben Johns without minimal effort, and surprisingly enough I even won a couple of matches, it felt like I had gained superpowers all of a sudden.

Consistent Sweet Spot

Even though it’s a bulky 8.2-ounce Paddle, I easily term it my personal magic wand that works as an error correction tool in Pickleball court, allowing me to execute shots with perfect trajectory and consistency throughout the session.

With a layer of hyperfoam applied on the face of Paddle, each and every shot generates a precise level of pop, with maximum torque through its massive sweet spot. 

Speaking of the sweet spot, the Paddle is also backed with a Reactive Polypropylene Honeycomb Core which keeps the wave vibrations at bay.

All in all, if you do not mind the slightly heavyweight aspect of the Paddle and want to improve your gameplay to a great extent, then I would highly advise you to invest in this Paddle.


  • Has a Wide Sweet Spot
  • Comfortable Grip With Moisture Wicking Properties
  • Very Stable Core


  • Bulky

2. Spin Pickleball Paddle from SLK by Selkirk


  • 4 1/4 inches Grip Size
  • 0.3 Kg Net Weight
  • 4.25 inches Grip Circumference

The SLK by Selkirk is technically a lightning in a bottle, emphasizing control and ball maneuverability all while being at a justifiable price tag.

Spinners Dream

Right after it arrived in my mail, I had to quickly unbox it to test the grit on this thing. I have to admit, the abrasive surface might be one of the strongest selling points about this paddle. The carbon material compliments the Spinflex outer layer which forms a rough yet effective pattern to produce uniform rotational motion whenever you are splicing and dicing the ball.

In fact, you can easily control the ball since the wider surface of 7.5 inches allows you to effortlessly create an unpredictable pattern, so you can even execute fake shots to confuse your opponent. It is undoubtedly one of the best paddles used for both casual and competitive playstyle and will easily win you countless games once you get used to it.

Superior Core Technology

While I have used tons of Paddles that offer a variation of core, in contrast to this Paddle, the feedback and stability are nowhere near the SLK Rev-Control Polymer Core technology incorporated in this Paddle. 

In fact, it excels where other Paddles barely strive, especially in those sensitive Dinks shots, where simple taps or nudges make a huge difference especially if you are lining your shots to the feet of your opponent.

In addition to that, the Paddle comes in three different variations Power, control, and hybrid, while the Hybrid variant combines both Power and control by keeping them balanced, I still got my hands on the Control variant since it has extra grit and more thicker Rev-Control Polymer Core technology that produces top tier consistency in my shots. 

However, keep in mind the Control variant might not produce as much pop as the Power Variant, and if you are looking for a Paddle to compliment your aggressive stance, you might want to pick the hybrid or the Power variant.

Grip Comfort Factor

Grip upholstery also plays a huge role in how you handle your Paddle when using it especially to perform backhand or forehand shots. The Paddle rocks a 4.25-inch grip circumference while having a generously large length of 5.25 inches, so you can easily clutch it with your hands without feeling congested.

The throat is also curved with a nice comfortable arc, so your upper non-dominant hand would have an ergonomic fit right when swinging the paddle to execute close-quarter drives.


  • Produces Consistent Shots
  • Very Sturdy Body
  • Easy to Use
  • Produces Outstanding Spin


  • Isn’t budget Friendly

3. Niupipo Pickleball Paddle


  • 15.94 inches Length
  • 7.91 inches Width
  • Graphite Body

Next in the line is Niupipo Pickleball Paddle which also happens to follow the guidelines of the USA Pickleball Association, making it optimal for both casual and competitive use cases.

Easy to Swing

Before I initiate the review, let me shed some light on the fact that this paddle is moderately bulky and weighs 8.2 ounces, while it might be ideal for those who like to push harder on the court with their aggressive playstyle, some players who like to be agile may not find it as amusing.

Nevertheless, it isn’t a deal breaker because all you have to do is build up muscle memory and you will be off to an amazing start even if you are really great at pulling rebounds or counterblocks.

The grip circumference of this thing is also substantially thick and measures 4.72 inches, allowing users to clutch their palms comfortably without accumulating sweat since the grip also has moisturizing wicking properties.

Blended Face

With a lovely combination of carbon and fiber blended together while being coated with enough grit to pull last-minute spins deep inside the other end of the court, you are destined to achieve greatness without sacrificing accuracy and power. 

The face also has a consistently larger sweet spot, so if you are fond of those quick top, back and side pins, a simple circular motion of the paddle would be more than enough, in fact, when compared to other paddles, I have seen it produce much faster and consistent rotational force, making it one of the best Pickleball Paddles for spin and splices.


  • Durable Polypropylene Core
  • Includes Thick Edge Guard
  • Exceptional Lightweight


  • Not for Aggressive playstyles

4. Electrum Pickleball Paddle


  • 13.8 inches length
  • Carbon Fiber & Polypropylene Blended Frame
  • USAPA Approved Dimensions

Designed with a Keen focus to enhance a professional Player’s spin and trajectory maneuverability in Pickleball, the Electrum Paddle is undoubtedly a marvel that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Sturdy & Durable

Enough about defensive gameplay, it’s time to show dominance in the court and flank hard towards your opponent if you share the same mindset and want to push your limits in Pickleball, then the Electrum Paddle is tailored for your skillset and dexterity.

In fact, it is reinforced with top-of-the-line Toray T700 carbon fiber material which boasts top-tier tensile strength allowing it to withstand heavy impact blows with minimal effort.

To keep the core stable and erect without causing stress and vibration to your palm, it even has a unique honeycomb structure which is made from polypropylene material that can absorb shock and impact vibration with ease.

Gamma Grip

Speaking of comfort, the Paddle has an exceptionally comfortable grip which provides soothing whenever you are clutching on it. It even has a ribbed design which perfectly aligns with the finger regardless of the fact you are holding it in Continental, western, or Eastern style.

After months of regular usage in competitive leagues, the leather strap on the grip has barely worn out. I have to admit, each and every type of material used is worth the investment. 

Matter of fact, the gamma grip alone is made from premium-grade cowhide which does not suffer from decay even after years of use and has strong adhesive applied on one side, so there is no chance of wilting away.

Larger Length

The Paddle itself boasts an elongated design with maximum range, making those hard-to-reach shots feel like a piece of cake. It’s a 13mm variant that works perfectly for vertical shots that use topspin or backspin, however, the width might be a little too shallow for some, leaving less room to execute side spins.


  • Minimal Drag Force
  • Has Decent Grip
  • Exceptional outlier with a Decent Amount Of Grit


  • Shallow Width Dimensions

5. Pickleball Paddle Graphite Textured Surface


  • 4.75 inch Grip Length
  • 4.25 Inch Grip Circumference
  • T700 Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Polypropylene Core

Lastly, we have the Paddle made by Esper which offers extensive surface area with spinning capabilities on a budget.

Graphene Mold

The outer layer it boasts feels different and unlike anything you may have seen before, in fact, rather than having a gimmicky pattern, it offers an extra grit with granular formation which doesn’t wear away after years of use.

In terms of spin and power, it certainly provides the best bang for your buck, the additional abrasive surface certainly gives an edge in the court and the best part is the grit of the surface strictly follows USAPA tournament sanctioning rules, so be assured you could whip this bad boy out in the court without worrying about facing disqualification or penalties.

Grip Circumference 

Another great feature about this paddle is that it can be used in both indoor and outdoor scenarios as the Face of the Paddle with both variants of the ball, and produces maximum pop and torque without sacrificing much of its control.

The grip circumference measures around 4.25 inches, making those quick counters explicitly forgiving. Since it’s a lightweight paddle that weighs 7.8 oz, I even suggested it to my best buddy on the court who suffered from an arm injury after tripping, and in his words, he claims it to be “the holy grail” for the pickleball universe since there is barely any drag force and the comfortable size compliments well with the overall design.

I love the fact that the manufacturer included an edge to ensure my precious Paddle doesn’t suffer from damage and chip damage, so even if I store my paddles incorrectly or mishandle them or even throw them in a hissy fit, it is safe for me to assume that it would still remain in mint condition.


  • Decent Build Quality
  • Anti-Slip Grip
  • Clean Design
  • Budget Friendly


  • Dinks Sometimes feel too inconsistent

Bottom Line

In the pickleball World, you may achieve feats and attain muscle memory through experience by spending time on the court but without a proper paddle in your Hand, all your efforts are pretty much in vain.

Speaking of which, my list of Best Pickleball Paddles for Spin would help you in your endeavors and even improve your gameplay tenfold, and if, by any chance you have second thoughts over it, I would advise you to give my review along with each a quick glance.

Good Luck 🤞.

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