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Pickleball Vs Badminton – An Addictive Workout Disguised as Sports

Pickleball Vs Badminton
Written by Alex

Just like the saying goes “An Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” Similarly, comparing Pickleball with badminton seems explicitly ridiculous since both of these share the same spectrum yet are being considered polar opposites.

In fact, Pickleball is a vibrant branch subsidiary of badminton that packs the thrill at a more lenient pace with its own set of rules.

However, all this small talk might make you baffled, which is why to thoroughly understand the topic of “Pickleball vs badminton” we will be diving down the rabbit hole.

Dynamics Of These Sports & Global Reach

Pickleball is an extremely low-impact sport, as it highly catered towards the elderly and has a considerably low calorie-burning ratio when compared to Badminton. The skill barrier is way too low, which is why it has seen such exponential growth over the years.

Most of its strategies involve executing Lobs, Dinks, or Ernie Shots, which means it’s safe to assume there are barely any explosive moments, except for volley phases.

Badminton requires you to be athletic and extremely fit as it will test out your cardiovascular endurance every step of the way. And even though both of these sports are considered aerobic workouts, the lunges and reflex requirement is way too high especially if you ever spectate a competitive badminton showdown.

As far as its Global Reach is concerned, Pickleball is still seen as a recreational sport that is massively popular in various states of the United States such as Florida, Ohio, and California.

Meanwhile, Badminton is a renowned fast-paced Sport that has also been recognized by the official Olympic Authority since 1992 and is played widely in both Asia and Europe with millions of active players worldwide.

Comparison Between Pickleball Vs Badminton

Let’s start with the basics before knowing which one has a more forgiving learning curve.

Scoring System

One of the most pivotal differences you may notice right away is how both of these games are played out, in fact, they are the exact polar opposite which may come off as a surprise considering the fact Pickleball itself has so many rules inherited from badminton.

In technical terms, Pickleball players have to achieve a maximum score of 11 points, while a victory is concluded once a team gains a lead of two additional points once the score cap is finalized.

On the other hand, in badminton, a team has to endure three innings by maintaining their grit and proving their ultra instincts on the court by winning maximum innings while the maximum score capacity remains at 21.

Paddle Utilization

Pickleball uses a specialized paddle that is at least 7 inches wide and measures 16 inches in length which comes in two variants, teardrop-shaped paddles or Elongated Paddles.

In general, depending on the price tag, these paddles might be made from wood, Graphite, or fiberglass material and have a separate core which is either made from aluminum or Nomex.

A Pickleball Paddle has a textured face that resembles a honeycomb pattern and helps with providing friction and abrasiveness for the smooth ball it is supposed to hit.

Now when it comes to Badminton, it uses Racquet instead of Paddles which is made from either made from aluminium or graphite and measures around 26 inches in length with a face that is 8 inches in diameter.

Instead of having any texture, the face consists of nylon strings that form a mesh pattern, allowing air to pass through whenever a player performs an execution.

Ball Type

To complement the pickleball asphalt court which is painted with rubberized epoxy, the players are required to use a plastic ball with around 40 small holes if played outdoors. The ball has a diameter of 2.25 inches and weighs no more than 3 ounces. 

On the flip side, there is no concept of utilizing the surface of the court for bouncing the ball except for scoring through player fault of course. In badminton, players are required to hit a specialized shuttlecock that can be otherwise termed a “bird” as it usually has peculiar feathers that are influenced by wind. 

The features are attached to a rubberized cork which provides weight to the bottom of the shuttlecock, weighing no more than 2 grams.

Net Height

When placed on a scale of comparison, you would be surprised to know how forgiving the net height of the pickleball court is. The nylon net hangs 36 inches around the side posts while being 34 inches in the middle.

But in a badminton court, you would see a massive gap between the net and the surface of the court since the net hangs as high as 5 feet and 1 inches approximately. Anything lower is a direct violation of the official rules of Badminton.

How Is Pickleball Easier Than Badminton?

In theory, most of the things mentioned are often easier said than done, however, in practical terms when Pickleball is placed in comparison to badminton, you would find there are a number of things that will assist you in flattening the learning curve such as, 

  • The hollow ball is easier to hit as compared to a shuttlecock or a bird, which means even if you haven’t worked on your reflexes, you will do a satisfactory job in pickleball.
  • Pickleball is considerably less strenuous on your body since the lesser form of footwork is required, while badminton will always keep you on your toes, so expect sore calves even after a single session.
  • Most of the badminton sessions are performed indoors in private courts, so the chances of getting into one might not be as easy as compared to an outdoor pickleball court which is easily available so practicing alone during drills could get tricky.
  • The cost of Badminton equipment is by far one of the biggest factors that discourage players on a budget, meanwhile, Pickleball equipment is extremely cheap, at least if you keep the cost of a bird in mind beforehand which has a price tag of 3 dollars and doesn’t even last a full session.

In Conclusion 

Both Pickleball and badminton may look like two peas in a pod, nevertheless, there are some core discrepancies that sets them apart fairly well, in fact, I would personally term pickleball more of a low-impact sport even if it has fast-paced rallies every then.

On the flipside, as the game proceeds, badminton seems to have a more profound levels of skill ceiling, so in other words, the basics might be easy to learn, yet hard to master.

In the end, I hope this article corresponding to Pickleball Vs Badminton has cleared any related doubts in your mind, if not, feel free to drop your thoughts. I would be happy to sort you out or even curate a comprehensive guide on it.

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