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What Pickleball Paddles Do the Pros Use? – Let’s Find Out

What Pickleball Paddles Do the Pros Use
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In the ever-growing realm of Pickleball, the only way forward in your sports career is by having the passion to evolve and adapt to newer techniques and methodologies regardless of the fact you are spectating a session or simply partaking in it.

Especially For a rookie who is still learning the ropes and wants to improve their gameplay, there is no better advice than to follow and mimic their mentors and pick an idol who has already been playing in Professional pickleball leagues.

Matter of fact, I would even suggest that you follow the “do what they do” mentality, even if it means using the same Paddle as them. Speaking of which, here is a comprehensive guide on “What pickleball paddles do the pros use” that will provide a wider perspective on your favorite players and the Type of Paddle that acts as the personal companion in the court.

Which Paddles Are the Pros Using Right Now?

You would be surprised to know that even though there are about 2300 Paddles variants from different brands and classes in the market, only 39 of them are used by the Professionals that are listed in the Top 100 List.

1. Ben Jones

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Ben Jones has made his name by ranking #1 among the best players in the Pickleball universe. He started his professional career in 2016 and has been partaking in numerous tournaments and leagues while attaining a whooping 108 winning streak in the Pickleball Single division.

His right-hand dominance has allowed him to rack up 80 PPA titles and the Paddle he uses nowadays is no other than the renowned brand which is known as JOOLA Perseus.

Holding a current record of having more than triple crowns in Pickleball leagues which is by far the highest recorded achievement anyone has ever attained in this sport.

2. Dylan Frazier

Dylan Frazier has been racking up numbers ever since 2021, being a fresh Pickleball Professional, he has been showing dominance on the court all while using a Selkirk Project 002 which compliments his right-handed finesse extremely well in the court.

Selkirk has been known to create one of the best Paddles in the history of Pickleball and this one is no exception, its rectangular design allows players to execute power shots at will while having a special aerodynamic hole that prevents drag resistance, so none of the momentum is lost whenever you are swinging or performing groundstrokes.

3. Catherine Parenteau

Catherine Parenteau has been packing a punch in the court by ranking top 5 in Canada while competing in the US Open Division ever since. She even started her professional career as a mentor and instructor for many rookie Pickleball players.

Being a certified IPTPA instructor, she is a right-handed player who uses the renowned Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Invikta, which is known for its extremely lightweight dress due to the fact it has Carbon And fiberglass material used in its structure.

It even has a dense foam wall that prevents wave propagation, so anyone looking to use this Paddle while dealing with Tennis Elbow would absolutely love it.

4. PATRICK Smith

Patrick has been in the game for quite a while, being a 6’ 1”, he has been actively using the Joola Scorpeous for its optimal controlling capabilities while maintaining an ample amount of Power. Its wider variant also allows players to execute spin shots extremely easily due to its Fiberglass structural design all while having sufficient levels of texture

It even has a soft foam across its edges to prevent the paddle from suffering from getting damaged, in case you have a hard time managing your equipment.

5. Anna Leigh Waters

Being the youngest in the bunch, yet topping the charts in the Women’s Double division, being a Professional pickleball player, she has been using the Paddletek Bantam TS-5 ever since 2019.

Being only aged 16, and having prior experience in Tennis and soccer, she has been known as the youngest Pickleball Champion, all while using an aggressive playstyle technique giving her an edge over her opponents on the court and the Paddletek bantam TS-5 is known to compliment her methodologies effectively.

One of the best things about this Paddle is that it is exceptionally cheap and has a honeycomb core while being made from Fiberglass structure, which allows even an intermediate player to dominate the playing field with their Dinks and Groundstrokes.

List of the Best Paddles Recommended By Professionals

If you want to take a look at other options other than signature Paddles, I would advise you to scroll down below.

  • Takeya Titan Elite 14-L
  • Franklin Signature Carbon
  • Proton Quantum
  • Engage Pursuit MX Pro
  • Onix Evoke Premier Pro Raw

These are some of the best Alternatives you could get your hands on that are also used by Professional players in singles, duos, and mixed formats. Most of these paddles offer more than one variant of the single version, allowing players to pick whichever seems more tailored to their needs.

Why You Should Use Paddles Endorsed By Professional Players?

Professional athletes often use approaches that are far from ordinary and spend hundreds of hours on the court practicing during drills. While endorsement of these Paddles might seem like a gimmick that only hypes up the sales, it’s exactly the opposite once you understand the logic behind them.

In fact, Companies only come to the surface once they start creating and manufacturing great products that cater to the general audiences, these equipment or products are then picked up by Professional Athletes who have prior experience from winning multiple tournaments and attaining achievements and are used as their daily driver.

Obviously, there is plenty of trial and error involved in finalizing their signature Paddle, however, in hindsight, it provides a surefire insight for a rookie or intermediate player on which paddle to choose for recreational and professional purposes.

What Pickleball Paddles Do the Pros Use? – Bottom Line

Additionally, I would like to conclude this article with my two cents by saying that If you really want to immerse yourself in the footsteps of your favorite Pickleball player, I would highly advise that you follow their strict diet plan, their playstyle as well as their core training exercise.

Keep in mind that Pickleball is a fairly new sport and if you show consistency, you can easily climb the ladder of the top charts in a couple of years. 

Stay tuned for more articles like these!

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