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How To Get Started In Pickleball? – An Advanced Guide By Pickleball Guru

How To Get Started In Pickleball
Written by Alex

Gaining immense popularity around the globe, pickleball ranks amongst many sports that are not only easy to learn but also have a lower learning curve which is why everyone nowadays is switching their tennis shoes to become a pickleball warrior.

After all it’s so addictive and appealing but the question arises whenever an individual is starting to learn the ropes of this sport which might not be as straightforward as you think considering the sport is still in its early stages and not many individuals are aware how it plays out.

But then again one shouldn’t be worrying when reading my guide on How To Get Started In Pickleball because not only will I help you kickstart your experience on the court but through my assistance you will see yourself evolve into a pickleball prodigy in the distant future.

What You Will Be Needing?

It’s not like you could walk into any pickleball court and partake in a session, you need to be well-equipped for this sport, luckily, the list is succinct.

1. Paddles

If you are a beginner who has no prior knowledge or instincts built up from any other sports such as badminton or tennis, you might want to get your hands on something that is too light. While you may lose power whenever you are going for a robust shot when preferring lighter paddles over a bulky one, the trade-off you are getting here is way bigger in the long run.

For Starters, lighter paddles allow you to work on your moveset and be more flexible without focusing too much on your power shots. Pickleball in its basic format is not aggressively played, so there is no need to find something that weighs a ton of bricks.

Moreover, you also want to invest in a paddle that fits your budget, no need to buy those fancy or signature edition paddles that pros use. You just need to learn and get accustomed to a grip style in your early stages of learning so any brand, even a cheaper one would be preferable.

2. Shoes

This might be the most important part about getting into pickleball, especially for the first time. Since outdoor pickleball courts are mostly made from concrete or asphalt material with acrylic paint or epoxy resin applied onto it, it could get quite slippers especially if you walk in with your usual slippers or shoes that often lack proper traction.

Instead, make sure you grab a pair of special pickleball shoes which might cost a pretty penny but trust me the traction they would provide during mobility is extremely worth it. Moreover, it will also prevent you from falling accidentally which is why you should highly emphasize investing in a noteworthy brand of shoes.

Keep in mind that shoes designed for such courts also have stuffed and well-padded soles so that you can maneuver in the court for hours without feeling discomfort or swelling.

3. Extra Set Of Balls

Balls in this game can lose integrity after playing a couple of sessions. I have seen plenty of players make this mistake of investing in extra balls and then they are left out with a ball that isn’t even worth using since it either has too many cracks or simply has poor trajectory since it’s too battered up.

Make sure you invest in a bag for carrying your extra set of balls and paddles so that you can traverse easily without feeling weighed down, in that way you and your buddies could have an amazing experience without suffering from downtimes.

4. Accessories 

Accessories include anything that could possibly assist you during your gameplay that also including wearing polarized goggles that could filter out direct sunlight and act as eye protective gear for your eyes.

In addition to that, you would also need a water bottle because it goes without saying that playing under the scorching sun could dehydrate you easily.

Speaking of scorching heat, wearing a hat would also go a long way since a little bit of shade never hurt anyone. And if you feel like your sun is too sensitive to the direct UV rays, it might be time that you grab the bottle of sunscreen you bought when you were going on vacation to Hawaii.

How To Play Pickleball Properly?

Once you are geared up and have made up your mind, it’s time to get down to business.

1. Find A Court Not A Couch

Once you have sorted everything that is mentioned above, it’s time to find a court where you can whip your paddle and practically apply yourself. The best places to find these courts are community centers, parks, and even private courts which often host leagues and other forms of pickleball events.

2. Learn The Lingo

You don’t want to make yourself look like a clueless goose on the court, so make sure you learn the esoteric language used in pickleball such as “Dink ”, “volley ” and  “kitchen “. If you want to stay trendy you might want to connect with people who are already playing the sport, in that way, you would be able to memorize every gesture quite easily.

3. Mastering Your Moves

Start by mastering your serve by spending hours in drill practices, make sure you team up against an individual who is already learning pickleball just like you would so you can compare your skills without facing criticism.

Feel free to make mistakes and never be shy to experiment around the court, you never know which move will make you stand out of the crowd, after all, pickleball is all about being better and outsmarting your opponent. And as long as you are within the boundaries, you will be off to a good start.

4. Embrace The Lifestyle

Don’t play pickleball like it is just another chore that you do in your daily life. Make sure you actually enjoy partaking in it. Since it is also a great physical activity that will keep you physically fit and mentally focused, make sure you embrace it in your life.

On the bright side, it will also give you enough motivation to keep you committed to sports as there is virtually no loss when playing it.

How To Get Started In Pickleball? – Final Word

Information related to Pickleball is like love, the more you spread it the more you feel happier and will be in harmony. In that case, I would suggest you share as much knowledge related to this sport whenever you are out on the court. 

This exchange will allow you to bond better with your teammate especially if you consider the fact that the pickleball communities are like families. Always remember not to take things too seriously even during a heated moment, stay calm, and be gentle regardless if you win or lose.

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