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Learn How to Organize Pickleball Play with Me

How to Organize Pickleball Play
Written by Alex

Being a team leader, sometimes it could be quite tiresome to fill the court with enough players to get the show running, let alone create a spectacle.

It’s perfectly understandable that not all of your buddies would be available in the court at the moment’s notice, in fact some of them even vanish when you need them the most and trust me it could get embarrassing at times.

But breathe easy, in this article I will be throwing in some tips along with approaches on how to organize pickleball play, so you aren’t left hanging alone in the court.

Pickleball Play Event Organization Process

These are a couple of things you need to be doing on a priority basis to keep things smooth sailing,

Utilize Your Social Media

The first and the easiest approach to get around your buddies in the court is to get rampant on social media. Facebook, Instagram, snapchat communities, tiktok, whatever you name it, go as much as create a massive network to curl up players that you may or may not potentially know.

Because an event without a crowd is pretty much useless, try to reach any potential audience that you think may be interested in swing bats at a court.

Using your social media accounts is the most effective way to get the word out to individuals that you would otherwise clearly miss out, so make sure you spend all your efforts in creating posts and videos relating to the event all while tagging the venue and the time it will be taking place.

Keep in mind that you also have to be precise and straight to the point because you don’t want people to think that you aren’t too serious or are simply too baffled to invite people to your own party.

Get A Proper Venue

Speaking of invitation, you don’t want your pickleball balls to be invited in the middle of nowhere, in fact, nobody would show up if the location is clearly remote or outrageously out of reach.

Pickleballers are also human beings that are on a schedule, so make sure you find a place which is easily accessible and has enough prominence to be considered as a valid place to visit whenever anyone’s invited.

This will also ensure that your event has professional vibes to it. On the other hand if everything went well, you would also attain a great number of sponsors for your next event in case you are planning another one in future.

Moreover, make sure it has plenty of room for spectators and other forms of refreshment while they wait for their turn because remember you want those people to stick around for the whole show.

Attain Sponsors

If you are feeling confident in pitching your event to the masses, you might as well be making some money along the way. The best part about organizing a pickleball event is that not many people out there are doing it, despite the fact this sport is heavily backed by a massive community.

In that case, your event, if it manages to attract a massive chunk of audience could also be a hotspot for potential investors that could be in for a deal even if don’t belong to big brands, all that matters is you need to get hooked with the right kind of people that will make your time and effort well worth the money.

Decorate your Court

You don’t want your venue to look like someone’s funeral is being held up, make sure you decorate it from top to bottom with festives, so that it could allure individuals that aren’t even invited, remember those people could also become interested in such sports, which is a win win for pretty much everyone spectating your game.

Moreover, to gain further attraction, I would also suggest that you set up music that fits the theme, so everyone can remain cheered up. Music will also ensure toxicity levels remain minimal as much as possible to ensure a calmer environment even if things get too heated.

Set Up Rewards System 

Everyone loves incentives even if it is a small trophy or a participation certificate. Ensure that you advertise such a reward system properly so that the maximum number of individuals land on the venue.

And if you are eager for more, you could also set up a cash based reward system but that would obviously cost you a bit more but in the long run it could create a thrilling environment for everyone in the court.

To make things more interesting, make sure you also set up streams and even broadcast the gameplay and even upload highlights along the way. The footage could also be used for future events, so make sure you have plenty of coverage around as it could highly support your endeavors and could be used as a tool for publicity.

Additional Things To Keep In Mind

Now that you have attained an idea on how to organize a Pickleball play, here are a couple of things you need to be mindful of.

Safety First

This is something you clearly don’t want to overlook, as any oversight could result in dire consequences, so make sure you practice safety regulations and take all the required steps such as installing first aid kits, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, shelter sheds and fencing to protect the people that will be visiting your venue.

There are plenty of things that could go wrong in the court and you don’t want to be held responsible for any of the outcome.

Hire A Referee

To keep things fair and simply, you don’t want to create unnecessary bias that could potentially tarnish your image. The spirit of this sport must never be violated under any circumstances so hiring a referee or a coach that could overlook the session could always come in handy. 

In that way, fair play would be encouraged which would eliminate toxicity generally on both sides. Moreove referee system also ensures the scoring is kept accurate and every rule is being followed according to the regulations assigned by the United States Pickleball Association.

And That’s A Wrap

Lastly, regardless of which side wins or loses, what’s important is that you, your buddies and the people spectating have the best time of their life.

Moreover, the safety and other precautionary measures should never be overlooked because it goes without saying that almost anything goes down in the court and you don’t want to be unprepared for the worst case scenario.

Hope, this article was well worth the read, stay focused and don’t let the thrill levels ever flatline.

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