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How To Become a Professional Pickleball Player? – Pickler Guide

How To Become a Professional Pickleball Player
Written by Alex

Every now and then, everyone harbors a dream of going Professional and dominating the court in Pickleball with bolder ambitions, while it is easier said than done, nevertheless it isn’t impossible.

However, it goes without saying that you would be faced with a multitude of hurdles and setbacks, so in other words, if you want to know How to become a professional pickleball player, you might be willing to invest more than sweat and blood in the court.

Luckily for you, my guide would help you climb the ranks and ensure your glorious purpose of becoming a Pickleball Professional reaches fruition.

Roadmap For Becoming a Professional Pickleball Player

Let’s explore the roadmap.

1. Practice, Practice Practice

There are no shortcuts to success and no alternative to hard work, if you are planning on going “Pro”, you may want to get rid of unorthodox ways and actually invest your time in the court by partaking in drills and other forms of practicing sessions.

Sometimes it might feel like you may be too good for the leagues you are playing in, however, to burst your bubble, there will always be someone better than you, that’s just how the cycle of sports works, and the only way to supersede someone better than you is to practice harder and spend countless hours in the court.

If you are already hitting practicing drills at least 3-5 times a week, then you might want to pump those numbers to stay ahead of your peers. The whole point of starting your professional career is to do something that normal players on the court aren’t doing, while it may not be an easy feat to achieve, in the long run, it’s certainly worth the time.

2. Private Lessons

Coaches and mentors aren’t there just for the show, hiring them might feel like a waste of time but you would be surprised to know it’s the exact opposite. In fact, the right person who is guiding you and aligning your Pickleball routine will certainly make your money and time worthwhile and undoubtedly would help you kickstart your pickleball career.

A player without a coach or trainer is like a lone wolf without its pack, it’s vulnerable even if it has all the required skills to excel in its field, a drift in the vast ocean, without proper mentorship or training an athlete preparing to become a Pickleball professional might have a hard time as their efforts would make little to no progress as there would be no headway.

On the other hand, coaches also hand out tips and tricks that you won’t find elsewhere, which explains why good information and learning techniques aren’t taught for free because they certainly make a world of difference.

3. Diet Plans & Workout Routines

You cannot just spend hours in the court practicing only to eat junk food afterward, your body needs fuel such as protein and other building blocks of nutrients to ensure you grow enough lean muscle that will help you achieve perfection. 

And with a poor diet and or without a proper workout routine, you are pretty much pouring all your efforts down the drain. So make sure you are eating healthy food such as red meat, legumes, lentils, and anything that contains fiber. While food containing pure carbohydrates might feel appeasing, you may eventually accumulate fat which may ruin your form in the long run.

On the other hand, avoid sugary drinks, sodas, Processed Food, and beers at all costs, as high levels of sugar in your diet cause lethargy and brain fog which is the last thing a professional athlete would want in their life.

Make sure you hydrate as much as you can while eating a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains for proper nourishment that could fuel your strenuous lifestyle.

Keep in mind you also need to hit the gym, and initiate a regular exercise routine to keep your body pumped up so that you can build up proper hand-to-eye coordination that will help you create snappy instincts on the court.

4. Joining The Big Leagues

Once you have your priorities aligned, it is time for you to join bigger leagues, something that will allow you to play in a competitive environment with rules and regulations that are implemented directly by the United States Pickleball Association (USAPA), and even players have to follow those rules by the book.

On the other hand, it will also allow you to connect with vast communities with other athletes with variable skill sets so you could make a wider array of contacts. And if everything goes well, you will attain enough limelight that will highlight your achievements, allowing you to propel your career forward in the Pickleball universe.

Always remember no matter how good you are on the court, without joining bigger leagues partaking in tournaments for fame, and creating a portfolio, all your efforts would be in vain and you will never make progress.

5. Building Portfolio

Speaking of Portfolio, if you want to look presentable, you need something to back your claims, your word won’t mean anything unless and until you have achievements and certifications that hold value.

Although, it’s perfectly understandable not everyone carries their achievements around, having a portfolio, social media profile, and even a professional sports resume would help you in times when you would be required to submit your documents.

There are plenty of leagues that are hiring emerging athletes and without proper tests and evaluation, you won’t go far, so make sure you have your portfolio prepared so that you can captivate the attention of higher-ups who will decide whether to hire or not.

6. Finding Endorsements & Sponsors

Hobbies, when turned into a Professional career, could be extremely fun and enticing experiences, however, hobbies alone won’t do you good when paying bills, Pickleball at times could get expensive especially if you want to become a professional and play in competitive leagues where only the best of the best shines and for that you will be spending hundreds of dollars.

Investing from your pocket in your initial phase isn’t rare but if you are planning for the long run, you might want to connect with sponsors and endorsements that will keep your Pickleabll afloat long enough for you to become a renowned player.

How To Become a Professional Pickleball Player? – Bottom Line

If Becoming Professional in a sport was a walk in the park, everyone would be doing it right, this is why in order to stand out of the crowd, you need to excel and push yourself to the point where nobody else would be reaching out.

Professional athletes are a unique breed with workout routines and diet plans that strive hard to overcome everyday challenges and rather than making excuses, they actually get things done.

So, if you want to know how I can become a professional pickleball player, you need to have the right mindset and strategies and hopefully my article will help you achieve that.

Good Luck 🤞.

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